Hypnosis: Male to Female Transformation (Request)

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This video is designed to make a male viewer feel like a female for 15 minutes. It is just for fun and this video is not intended to be used as a tool for li…

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diamondstrucked says:

i dosent work

hellfighter496 says:

he has one….*randomly flips a table*

Freemind says:

I wish the same!!

Ian Agrela De Freites says:


Josh Campbell says:

Omg I have boobs! Not…

SB Hacker says:


joanota says:

could you please please please do female to male!! <3 <3 :))

Mike Venturino says:

Hypnotize that fucker into a slave like you did to me :P

Chas Grant says:

thats too far… haha god i wanna try this..

MincraftGaming5000 says:

where did my dick go!?

Uchiha Itachi says:

omfg i seriously thought i was a girl…tried out bras, panties, stockings, skirts, blouses…

xXGAMING101Xx says:

holy shit i feel gay now it worked

killswitchdis3ngag3d says:

Oh, that’s understandable. Then again, I’d never really done any sort of hypnosis thing before so I didn’t how how strong it would be.

Ruphia1 says:

I meant im paranoid to watch it XD

killswitchdis3ngag3d says:

How’d it work for you? Assuming you did everything but that correctly.

Minecraftmitch1121 says:


Ruphia1 says:

Theres a spare video for that :D

Ruphia1 says:

your not the only person

Raik Baugatz says:

I love to be that^^

egodfrey72 says:

What would happen if I watched another video before this?

Aydan H says:

same with me does anyone know how i should properly do this i mean i tried it twice and yet nothing if anyone can help me out i would appreciate it vary much.

Tony Blanchard says:

This does not work for me whatsoever. Any helpful tips?

tony Blanchard says:

Since you have to be willing to be hypnotized, lets say that it doesn’t ware off like it should. Can I just put it through my head that I want to go back to normal and it will happen?

Legounivercerocks101 says:

Wow it Actually works It Doesn’t Effect you in your mind just Physically In REAL Life if your Sitting down when watching the video when it’s over Stand up you will have Feminine Actions…Really REALLY Weird…Your Back will be Straight,You Will Sway your hips (odd) And some Other “Things”

MsSweetsina says:

I wish.

Butter Tobllaa says:

Did not work :(

cooper matthews says:

I’m a girl this is not fake i got transformed

Lewis Newcombe says:

I’m a banana! Thanks a lot.

Zelnux says:

I was disappointed to find that it didn’t work for me.

…Until I decided I needed a snack and proceeded to sway my hips all the way to the fridge.

So that was interesting.

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